Would you like to reconnect with who you were before you became "mom"?
Do you ever feel like...

  • Your life is no longer your own.
  • You want to relax but can't even remember how to relax.
  • There are not even 5 minutes in your day that aren't focused on someone else's needs.

  • You're touched out.
  • Self-care sounds great but you don't have time for that. 
  • Your alone time is in line at the grocery store or 10 minutes in the car during school pickups.
that's why i created the
marrakech momcation!
What would it be like to...

  • Have a week completely to yourself to relax?
  • Connect with other moms who are feeling the same?
  • Explore what's stopping you and how to take back small moments of life for YOU!


The last two years have especially been hard on everyone.  

It's your time to turn things around.


A momcation is an opportunity for moms to get an actual vacation. So often we're the ones planning vacations for our families but we end up doing all of the work before, during, and after that trip. They're rarely relaxing! 

The Marrakech Momcation is just for YOU. 

Everything is planned and ready for you, so you just need to show up and participate as much or as little as feels right for you. 

This momcation is a combination of exploring parts of Morocco while also taking time to relax, learn how to bring more moments of peace to your everyday life, and reconnect with who you were before you had kids. 

momcation itinerary

If you're wondering a little bit about what to expect, I am including a day-by-day breakdown of what to expect. The momcation is held at Manira Palm, approximately 15km outside of Marrakech. 

October 31st - Arrive when you can and join us at Manira. We'll have a group dinner today as well as an evening activity after dinner. 

Day 1                                Theme: Body

Today will start later to give you time to sleep in and rest after your journey. The theme today is on our bodies and care. 

A filling and healthy breakfast are served poolside. 

Activities today include;

- an herbal scavenger hunt around the property to custom blend your own tea.

- a lesson in natural aromatherapy

- candlelit yoga

Lunch, dinner and snacks will all also be served at Manira Palm. 

Day 2                              Theme: Food 

For many of us, what we eat is whatever we can quickly get in before the other demands of life need us. Today's theme is around food and caring for ourselves with food. 

Activities today include:

- Breakfast smoothie bar

- Bliss Ball making workshop

- Traditional Moroccan spice usage and healing properties

- (Easy!) Moroccan cooking class 

- Meditation session 

Day 3                                     Adventure

Today we'll tap into that adventurous spirit and head off the property for the nearby High Atlas Mountains. 

We will leave in the morning and drive to a village where you'll be welcomed by an Amazigh family for a second breakfast and lunch. 

A light hike is included today as well as a visit to the ruins of a 12th-century mosque. 

When we return to Manira there will be a light dinner. 

Day 4                                           Mind

Wake up at your leisure for breakfast. Today will have a summer camp feel as we have a rotating series of activities offered. 

Activities today include:

- a hands-on pottery workshop

- massages! 

- Meditation sessions

- vision board and creative art station

We'll have a mindset workshop today and after dinner traditional Moroccan musicians will join us. You'll be welcome to listen or jump in and have a dance party! 

Day 5                                     Gratitude 

After breakfast, we will transfer to Marrakech for a guided half-day in the medina. We will also have lunch in the city today. This will be a loosely guided activity giving you time to see the city, shop, and learn a little about Marrakech. 

When we return to Manira we will host a gratitude and reflection time as well as a celebration of all that you've done! 

By the end of the night, we'll have created a plan for what you want to take home and implement into your everyday life. 

November 6th - Return flights home or transfer to Marrakech

Momcation 2022 Dates: October 31st - November 6
Join us for the week for $3000 or
4 payments of $750!
There are only SIX (6) Places Available for Private Rooms
What to Expect When You Sign Up
All Inclusive Meals

Throughout your stay there will be a variety of meals that can be adapted to most dietary requirements. 

You won't need to worry about paying extra - it's all included. We do not have alcohol available during this week. 

A Relaxing Room

No room sharing - unless you want to. 

Your registration offers you your own space. If you're open to sharing, you'll get a discount on your registration. This can be with someone you know or we can pair you. (Separate beds)

Activities and More

When you register, your fee includes everything that happens during the week. There will be a mixture of culture, self-discovery, relaxation, and more. There also will be shared, open spaces for creative exercises. We also will have open time for as many yoga and/or meditation sessions as you'd like. 

What is and isn't included with your registration?

I try to include as much as possible with your registration so you don't have to think about it when you're here. Just show up and enjoy! However, here is a breakdown as there are a few things that are not included.


- your room fee with local taxes

- all meals and drinks during your stay

- transfer to and from Marrakech airport

- all activities and fees

- unlimited yoga and meditation sessions

- LOADS of surprises and other items that you'll get throughout your stay!

Not included:

- Your flights to Morocco

- Travel and trip interruption insurance (highly recommended)

- Any passport and visa fees

- COVID testing as required (appx $40 USD in Morocco)

- Tips for Manira Palm housekeeping and cooking staff 

- Trip extension costs

- Any shopping or incidentals you might need


  • You're a mom who struggles to remember what life was before kids and misses it. 
  • You just need a break! Come and relax with us!
  • You like the idea of going somewhere new but aren't about running around to see everything, this experience is a chance to SLOW DOWN not to go on a whirlwind tour.
  • You're ready to reconnect with parts of yourself you've forgotten about. 

If this doesn't sound like you or you're looking for a more traditional Morocco vacation experience, check out my food tour of Morocco. 

AMANDA                NADIA


Amanda is your momcation leader and founder. She is the mom of three boys ages 18, 15, and 3. After hearing moms struggle with a sense of self and being frustrated that they rarely took time for themselves, she created the Marrakech momcation to fill exactly that role. 

Nadia is the owner of Maira Palm. She took over the space from her father after traveling the world. She is a yoga teacher and has created a space that is eco-friendly. It provides a safe space for visitors as well as giving back to the local community.  

Got Questions? We've got answers!
  • How do payments work?
    You have the option to pay all at once or to make 4 payments. The first, $750 payment is a non-refundable deposit. The remaining 3 payments can be made monthly. The full amount must be paid 30 days before the momcation begins.

    If you need to cancel and let us know before July 1st, 2022 we will return what has been paid minus your deposit. This deposit can be moved forward to another momcation or MarocMama tour.

    If cancellation occurs after August 1st, no refund will be issued. We highly recommend purchasing travel/trip interruption insurance in advance of your trip for cases that may arise.
  • Where is Manira Palm?
    For this momcation, I have chosen a site that is just outside the city of Marrakech. I have personally felt so much relaxation here and know from others how special it is. If you are looking for a city break, this experience isn't right for you. We will be visiting Marrakech however it will be for a short period of time.
  • Do I need to be really
    No! Not at all. I (Amanda) while open to a lot of different ideas do not self-identify in this way. However, if you choose to come we will be doing a lot of self-discovery, reflection, and work towards building a self-care routine and identifying limiting beliefs and more. You can lean as deeply into this work as you would like and there will always be several different activities available.
  • I'm not a mom, can I still come?
    Technically yes. I don't limit who can or can't participate. That being said many of the conversations and work that is being done will be around our roles as mothers.
  • Do you have any discounts available?
    There is one discount available. If you would like to come and are open to the idea of sharing a room with someone; whether that's someone you know or someone you've not yet met. I will offer a discount to you. Manira Palm has the ability to make most of the rooms into two, twin bed configurations. Email me if you are interested in this option. (amandamouttaki@gmail.com)
  • Can I Come Early/Stay Longer?
    Yes, you can come early or stay longer and we're happy to help you plan your time in Marrakech or whichever city you'd like. Staying early/late at Manira Palm itself will depend on availability.
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